Différentes théories économiques ?

In fact, there are different economic theories. You are surprised? You have never heard about them? In what follows we will try to give a broad picture of what exist. Naturally, the content will evolve through time.


Figure from https://www.monde-diplomatique.fr/cartes/courantseco


There are three axes on the above figure

  • The first, from the center to the periphery, is chronological.
  • The second, confronts orthodox and heterodox economists.
  • The third, range from criticising the capitalism to the free market.


Another way to classify existing theories is by their main focus, as it is done in this Exploring Economics figure.


Many ressources on these different economic theories can be found on “Exploring Economics“, an open-source e-learning platform, developped by Rethinking Economics. “Exploring Economics” is giving you the opportunity to discover and study a variety of economic theories, topics, and methods.